Superette Cafe - Welcome

Easy going vibes, spontaneous meet-ups and good food are the fundamental ingredients that make Superette Café on het Javaplein the perfect hang out spot in Amsterdam East. Superette is a 21st century neighbourhood café- it has the characteristics and values of an old fashioned diner, but is upgraded to a modernized version. This modern twist you will see in more than just our drinks and dishes, as our furniture and interior design are quite the show-stealer. Sea blue colored tiles on the floor, beaming yellow bathroom doors, bright pink and dark blue striped sunshades, and all that combined with a little off-white curtain that solely covers the bottom half of the window. AKA: come see for yourself.


When you take a seat at our bar, know that chatting it up with the barman or one of our regulars could be part of the deal. If you are more interested in our terrace seats, you will be able to enjoy the energy of the Molukkenstraat. We won’t give away too much about this street, but when you come by you will feel a different aura in this neighborhood than in most of Amsterdam- in a good way. We can’t wait to meet you, and hope you come by for breakfast, lunch, borrel (it’s the Dutch word for that awkward moment in between lunch and dinner when you’re craving a snack), dinner or just a drink. 
Superette is your neighbourhood café!

Breakfast & lunch

At Superette Café we open our doors at 9AM daily for a great-start-of-the-day breakfast, together with a serious cup of coffee, tea, juice or shake. At 11AM we also start serving lunch, and offer a wide variety of straight-from-New-York bagels (thank you New York!), a soup or a salad. Pick and choose!

More of a sweet tooth? Say no more. We are very well-rounded, each day our counter hosts the most lucious cakes and pies. Alongside we introduce to you: the crêperette. Our mouthwatering French crêpe, choose the classic version or crêpe with a twist. Small tip: try a glass of cider to go with it, this is thé traditional French combo.

Snacks and beers

Superette is the perfect place voor borrelen- AKA snacking. At Superette you can snack all day. What do Dutchies understand by snacks? Just some examples: our favorite Dutch cheese, cheese sticks, bitterballs, charcuterie and nacho’s.

We usually do this in combination with an acoholic, or non-alcoholic refreshment. Besides our six beers on tap, we have the ‘Superette Roulette’, it’s the beer tap we switch up every few weeks. We also have a wide variety of bottled beers in store for you, with our more famous Dutch beers, and some of the less familiar ones (but the more fun to try). In Amsterdam we are known for some of the best local beers in the country, which us Amsterdammers brew ourselves. Not really feelin’ beer? No worries. Just check out the rest of the menu and you will also find some beautiful wines, gin & tonics, cocktails and many non-alcoholic refreshments. 

Have something to celebrate, or simply want to make sure we save a spot for you? We welcome you with open arms, find out more about reservations at the bottom of this page.


Our kitchen is open for dinner from 5PM until 10PM. Start at the beginning, and that is with our starters. For the indecisive ones among us we came up with a simple solution: the Superette Planchette. A mix of all of our top starters compiled on to one wooden plate- it doesn’t really get better than this. We also have a great vegetarian option by the way! In our main menu you will see that we focus mostly on the typical (Dutch) classic meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, with here and there a few alternative dishes to switch it up, for example the Superette Bowl. Any mussel lovers out there? Join our club! And if we have any Superdesserts to end dinner with a bang? Thought you’d never ask. Just come on over and we will hook you up!

Reservations and celebrations

For celebrations such as a birthday, graduation, wedding, or just because you want to take Thursday night to that next level, Superette is at your service! Up for a more ‘serious’ dinner and want to sit at a table? Our place holds groups up to ten people. For the slightly larger groups we have tall bar tables that we can set up.

With up to ten people you can make reservations online at the right bottom corner of this page, and for both options you can reach out to us via +31 (0)20 846 9121, send us an email or come by to discuss details in person.