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Dinner at Superette Café

Crispy oyster mushroom, Celeriac lasagne or duck breast: from Thursday to Sunday, you've come to the right place for a delicious dinner at Superette Café. Our summer menu gives way to autumn! Cause what could be cozier than dining with the candles lit over red wine? And of course we are open daily during the day for the most delicious New York bagels.


Breakfast & lunch

At Superette Café, we open our doors at 9AM daily for a great start-of-the-day breakfast, together with a serious cup of coffee, tea, juice or shake. At 11AM we also start serving lunch, and offer a wide variety of straight-from-New-York bagels (thank you New York!), soups, salads and more. 

More of a sweet tooth? Say no more. We are very well-rounded, each day our counter hosts the most lucious cakes and pies. 

Lunch Menu


Would you like to surprise someone with a breakfast, delicious lunch, some drinks or dinner at Superette? That’s definitely possible! Receive our giftcard directly by e-mail or at home within two working days. Choose an amount of your choice (at least €20,-), type something nice, sweet or beautiful and we will print the message on the gift card. No time to give it yourself? Send the gift card directly to the recipient in a beautiful gift envelope.

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